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For most people, eating out means doing so in the company of co-workers, friends or close family members. To most people therefore, this is a kind of ritual that’d not appear right if they were to do it in solitude. But is that necessarily true? Can one really enjoy dining alone and are there reasons why you should consider giving yourself that rare treat once in a while?

Good for your health
If you know how the food you eat impacts on your health and have been making healthy eating choices, then eating alone will prove extremely beneficial. People who eat in a group generally eat the same kind of food and in similar quantities. When you dine in a group you are therefore likely to eat food you have been avoiding and to probably consume more than you’d have done if you dined alone. Eating out in solitude therefore relieves you of the pressure that is inevitable with group dining.

Better quality time
Few people will admit that sometimes eating out with friends turns out to be completely frustrating. In the course of a meal, it is expected that you’ll get involved in plenty of small talk which you participate in because you have no way out. When the conversation is forced, you really have no time to enjoy your meal and will most probably be looking forward to going home.

When you eat alone however, you do not have to impress anybody with your knowledge of politics, etc, and can seriously concentrate on simply enjoying your meal. If you are giving yourself a treat after a long day at the office, this might be the only chance you have for some quiet and meditative time alone and you’ll feel greatly refreshed at the end of the meal.

You’ll do it at the time and place that’s convenient for you
Eating out with other people comes with a host of logistical considerations which don’t always work in your favor. You might have to make commuting arrangements and you might be forced to stay out longer than you’d consider appropriate. These are things you need not worry about when you dine alone. You simply choose a venue and decide on the time that suits you and that is it.

Eating out does not necessarily have to be a group affair and is something you should consider doing occasionally.