Exotic Cuisines

Why You Should Try Exotic Cuisines Next Time You Eat Out

For some people, eating out is just occasional while others will do it several times a week. When you eat at a restaurant, you can only order what is available and if you frequent the kind of establishments that serve greasy and sugary foods, it might be time you considered patronizing restaurants that specialize in exotic cuisines. Fortunately, wherever you are in the US, you are never far-away from a restaurant serving cuisine from another part of the world. Below, we highlight some cuisines that are worth considering for those who care about their health.

If there is a Vietnamese restaurant near you, make a point of visiting it. Vietnamese food is prepared using water (instead of oil) and features plenty of seafood and fresh veggies. Lack of cooking oil does not compromise taste. The Vietnamese cooking style does not rely on frying but utilizes herbs and coconut sauces to substitute for the oil. The result is a great tasting meal that is also healthy.

Mexican food is widespread in the US and many people might not need to be introduced to it – perhaps the only thing you need to be sure of is that you are eating authentic Mexican. The cuisine usually contains plenty of fresh vegetables in addition to tomatoes, garlic, beans and onions. If you are used to stuffing yourself, you might not do it when you eat Mexican as the meals are served in small portions and reduction of portion size is one of the steps recommended for weight loss.

Mediterranean cuisine mainly consists of plenty of beans, grains, olive oil, dark vegetables and fish which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. A Mediterranean diet could be your best investment against diet-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Like Mexican food, Mediterranean food is served in tiny plates and will therefore help you reduce your portion size considerably.

Indian foods are famous for their generous use of peppers but there is more to them. An important ingredient in Indian food is garam masala which is a mixture of various spices which include not only peppers but also cinnamon, coriander and cumin – one of the most highly acclaimed products in the prevention and even treatment of some of the most debilitating lifestyle diseases.
Eating out should not only be fun but also healthy and trying an exotic cuisine will help you achieve both objectives.