Popular Restaurants Throughout The United States

The residents of some of the most well-known American cities have several things to boast of. These include notable citizens, sports teams, famous architecture and many more such things. The United States of America is considered a completely tantalizing proposition possessing open fronted restaurants and bars, nightlife scene and the gourmet. It possesses some of the most happening citities in the world. Some of the best and the most popular restaurants are located throughout the United States. The restaurants here are open 24/7 helping the residents and the visitors enjoy appetizing food with the friends and family. You can easily find the cheapest and the priciest cuisines in the USA. The food here is very well-known for its unusual blend of eastern and western flavors offering enormous variety of culinary delicacies. Foreign visitors to USA make it a point to visit some of the most popular restaurants here because of their excellent services and cuisines. Below, we will have a look at some restaurants known for their services and cuisines in the USA.


This is a lively midtown restaurant in New York located very close to the Empire state building. The restaurant offers over 200 different varieties of cheese. Seafood and vegetable dishes lead the restaurant menu. The restaurant is highly praised for different varieties of beef, game and fowl. The wine list of the restaurant is excellent.


This is another popular restaurant in New York known for the after party circuit that it offers. This is a French-inspired restaurant offering a very active bar scene ad excellent cuisines as well. It is only because of its great features that it is considered one of the perfect spots for foodies in the look out of new taste.


This is a restaurant chain in America with a total of 212 locations offering customers an enthralling experience of fresh baked pies, Southern hospitality and generous amounts appealing to the value-conscious people. The revamped menu at this restaurant and the low prices of dishes served have helped O’Charley’s in attracting a large number of customers on a constant basis.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

This restaurant in Washington DC is popular for its famous customers like President Barack Obama and Bill Cosby. One of the best dishes at this restaurant is the half-smoke, spicy quarter-pound beef and pork sausage on a steamed bun topped with onions, chili sauce and mustard. Burgers and hot dogs can also be ordered at this restaurant.

Olive Garden

This is a casual dining chain of restaurants offering unlimited buttery and hot breadsticks. This is basically an Italian-American restaurant operating in more than 841 locations around the world. It is well-known for its menu that is affordably priced. The restaurant also offers popular pasta dishes.

The Cheesecake Factory

This California based restaurant chain is very popular for offering generous portions, above 50 signature cheesecakes and extensive menu. It lives up to the expectations of its customers serving exceptional food every time. It is one restaurant that you must visit while staying in America. The cheesecake varieties that you will find here are hardly available anywhere else throughout the world.