Tips to improve your Kitchen experience

More people would enjoy cooking and staying much longer in the kitchen if they learned how to bring order to this very important part of the home. However great you might be at cooking, a kitchen that resembles the site of bomb blast is not in the least welcoming or inspiring. Getting rid of clutter and having easy access to the tools and food items you are using to prepare a meal greatly improves the experience and makes cooking much more enjoyable.

Avoiding injury
It is easy to get injured in the kitchen if you are not careful about the storage of sharp objects like knives. To safeguard yourself, you must avoid keeping knives in a drawer – you could easily cut yourself while retrieving them. Ideally, knives should be placed on a wooden block on the counter. That way, you can see the knife you need and are unlikely to injure yourself by grabbing the blade instead of the handle.

Sharpen knives well
Most people operate with the assumption that a sharpened knife is more likely to inflict injury than a dull one. Unfortunately, the converse is true. You risk cutting yourself with a dull knife because such a knife usually slips when you try cutting and could end up cutting your fingers. It is therefore advisable to invest in a knife sharpener.

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Storing utensils
The utensils you use when cooking should be easily accessible. To make it easy for you to reach the utensil you need, you should place all of them in a utensil holder which you should place on the countertop.

To keep the utensils free of dirt and germs, you should place them on the utensil holder with the handles up – that way, you won’t be picking the utensils holding the part that goes into the food.

Invest in a digital thermometer
If you frequently cook meat, how do you tell that the meat is well done? For some people, the only way to find out is by regularly opening the cooking pot and taking a bite. Doing this is not only inconveniencing but also makes your meat lose most of its juice. A thermometer lets you sit back and know exactly when your meat is well cooked and leaves all the juices intact.
If you are using vegetables and spices in your cooking, you should avoid storing them too close to the stove because heat from the stove ends up depriving the veggies and spices of their flavor.